It's happening. Forgive the slightly misleading fan-made teaser above as Nights 2 is happening not on the 360, but on the Wii where it so rightfully feels natural. Now granted, this is no guarantee of some awesome revival of a classic, as the original is now over a decade old, but Yuji Naka, the original creator is on board with a totally new team, which gives me much more hope as Sonic Team's last few years have produced mostly miserable results. Supposedly it's been in development for a while, so bet on it being in full display at E3 and I'd be willing to bet on a late summer release. This could be one huge killer app if done right.

Even better news: SAM & MAX ARE COMING TO CONSOLES! That's right, the Wii & 360 get them first and though not confirmed the PS3 is most likely getting them sometime down the road. I was sort of hesitant to buy the new episodes on PC, but I'd love to either do some classic point & click adventure on the Wii or get some crazy achievement points on the 360 with these games. Now the only problem is which system to go with(maybe I can alternate, a different system for each episode)?

So apparently Sony is already willing to throw the goodwill they got at GDC out the window. The European launch is this Friday and Sony's European VP is sounding just as arrogant and batshit insane as everybody else in the company, in a new interview he essentially says the delay was good thing, that the PS3 is already a success even though it hasn't launched, once people play the PS3 the PS2 will have nothing to offer them, cause we all know the PS2 sucks, right? And finally, that of course this year will set record precedent sales for the whole Sony console family.

The European CEO is just as stupid, he doesn't want the console to sell out, apparently. I mean christ, literally 99% of Sony's bad press has been a result of their ridiculously arrogant statements & attitude, do these high ranking execs miss that PR seminar that teaches how to not act like they don't even need the support of consumers? Phil Harrison's slight showing of humility at GDC did wonders, but if he's the only one making a turnaround, Sony is quite frankly burning any bridges they have left with the hardcore gamer crowd they are supposedly aiming for.

On top of that is the continuing loss of exclusivity. We already know Virtua Fighter 5, Mercenaries 2 & Assassin's Creed were also coming for 360, but another huge feather in MS' cap is that we have official confirmation of Devil May Cry 4 coming to the 360 as well, day & date with the PS3 release. Hell at this rate we may see Ratchet & Clank & God of War on 360 someday (probably not, but Final Fantasy is looking like a real possibility). Now in reality, this is simple console math. Games are getting more expensive, companies need to hedge their bets, and console exclusivity just won't do that. But image is everything, and stuff that not only appeared to formerly be something you could only get on Sony platforms, but that could reportedly only be properly done on the PS3 and now is appearing on what is according to them a vastly inferior platform just looks bad, period.

That's it for today, but I have plenty to talk about this coming weekend, so I should be posting pretty regularly up through Sunday, in the mean time, here's your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: ORBITAL

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