The header is a slight reference to the brilliantly awful subtitle of Die Hard 2: Die Harder. Anyways, not really much of an update today, but I just had to post about the best announcement ever: Beyond Good and Evil, one of the best games literally ever, is getting a sequel. It's sort of a shock because like many awesome, daring & critically acclaimed titles of that same era (The Oddworld games, Metal Arms, Psychonauts, etc.), the game sold very poorly. This could only come out on a $100,000 arcade cabinet and I would probably save up until I could afford it. I'll probably try and track down a copy of the original so I can beat it again before the new one comes out (though my guess is that won;t be til '09, so I have awhile).

Pretty much the only other thing I wanted to post today is an awesome youtube video by a guy who pretty much lays out the whole sex & videogames debate in the most intelligent way possible (which of course means no one will take him seriously):

But I do also have your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Eagle Eye

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