Ludicrous Speed

Even though many people my age love Speed Racer in all of its ridiculous camp and bad dubbing, I never got into the show either during my youth or my current adult years. It just seemed a little too stupid. Though at the very least this seems to be a movie that's fine for the kids while not completely alienating the grown-ups who are still fans.

The success of Iron Man has Marvel already talking about there next several films, aside from the obvious sequel, Captain America & Thor are on the slate. Thor will no doubt be hard, but I think Jensen Ackles would be perfect for Cap.

In other movie news, a Bioshock movie has been announced, with Gore Verbinski as the director. Sounds like a winning combination, but I think a prequel showing how Rapture went all to hell would be much better than what might end up being a crappy sci-fi slasher because Verbinski hasn't shown any talent for horror (yes, I'm saying The Ring sucked).

That's all for today, but I am going to the Emerald City Comic Con on Saturday, so I'll certainly be back on Sunday with plenty of pictures of nerds in disturbing costumes (and probably a few of celebs there such as Jamie Barber). Until then, here's your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Rock Paper Scissors Extreme Death Match

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