A Leaf on the Wind

So, Wii's Wii Ware service launched this morning. I downloaded both Lostwinds & My Life as King, which turned out to be worthwhile purchases. I may even spring for some of the donwloadable content for MLK. The other titles seem to be the sort that I fear may ruin the potential of the service if too many just get shoved online and little gems get lost in the shuffle. Defend Your Castle is fun, but it's something you can play for free on your computer. TV Show King sounds like a decent family trivia title, but those things tend to get old quick. And Pop is just one of those weird oddities that you wonder how anybody justified this being anything more than a free game at Newgrounds. But it's a promising start. Now if between Wii Ware & VC updates, if there aren't at least a couple of quality downloadable titles a month, there's something seriously wrong.

But that isn't even the biggest problem. With Wii Ware out, those miniscule Wii hard rives are going to really start being pressed for space. Granted, an inexpensive SD will take care of it the storage problem itself, but you can't load games directly from an SD card, so every time you wanted to play something you have to move shit around. Ridiculous. Nintendo either needs to make a hard drive expansion, or the ability to play from SD cards (and the ability to use SDHC cards in a future update wouldn't be a bad idea either).

I also took some time to try out the Haze demo on PS3. What I played was fairly entertaining, but if you're still playing COD4, this isn't going to make you stop playing.

And I'm going to end the night with some awesome TV news: Reaper has been picked up for a second season, which is great because it's definitely one of the smartest shows on TV right now. Just too bad we have to wait til February for the new season.


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