Timing is everything

So yeah, Iron Man was pretty goddamn awesome. I felt the finale came a little too suddenly, but the casting was perfect, and it was a lot of fun. This sets the Summer movie bar tremendously high.

Between this week and last week, I'm really starting to question Nintendo's judgement on scheduling their titles. I mean, the shadow of GTA IV is still looming large and probably will be for a couple more weeks, but the Summer schedule is looking extremely light. Titles like Mario Kart & Steven Spielberg's Boom Blox (in stores now, which I honestly didn't remember even though I've been really interested in the title), which are getting high praise, but little attention are inevitably buried. There's virtually nothing out over the next few months in terms of games, and Nintendo could've easily owned the Summer between Wii Fit, Wii Ware, Mario Kart & other cool quirky titles like Boom Blox. Though maybe it's for the best, as I'm definitely planning to use these lean upcoming months to catch up on my game library. I've still got Metroid Prime 3 sitting, barely played even though it's a fantastic title and quite a few portable titles to get through. Though there may be a big sleeper hit in a little title called Operation Darkness much like Overlord was a very pleasant surprise last Summer.

Stride is the best gum ever. I don;t even really chew gum, but Stride has pledged to give free gum to everybody who signs to anti-Uwe Boll petition if it reaches 1 million by May 14. Bless you, Stride. Maybe some other company will get in on this and up the ante, like free Burger King fries or something (maybe we could even make a t-shirt that says "I stopped Uwe Boll!").

And finally, in place of the usual trailer of the week, I'd like to remind you that this Thursday is the last ever episode of Scrubs on NBC. Now don't fret too much, as it is a virtual lock to be on ABC next season, but the finale looks to be a blast, so check out these awesome clips to get yourself pumped:

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