And your Batman 3 Villains are...

With Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway filling the respective roles. Anne Hathaway is a great actress, though whether or not she can do Catwoman justice is anybody's guess, as with most female superheroes, it's an incredibly hard role to get the right fit for. That being said, Nolan we shouldn't second guess any choices Nolan makes at this point. You could probably give him the Care Bears and he'd come back with the most awesome film ever. Tom Hardy as Bane is absolutely goddamn brilliant, because behind all those Venom-induced muscles is a brilliant criminal mastermind and Hardy is probably one of the few people who can bring both proper physicality and terrifying intelligence to the role. It's heavily rumored that regardless how successful it is, this will be Nolan's last Batman. I can see why, nobody wants to get tied to a franchise when they've got other things they want to do, but that leaves little possibility for his take on other great Batman villains like Mr. Freeze or Croc, so hopefully they'll be able to wrangle him into just one more film (hell after that Bale will probably be too old anyways and they'll have to get someone new or just start over).

The 3DS is coming out on March 27th for $250.  Granted that seems a little on the high side, but I bet that won't really slow sales down. It's not too high for my blood, but as with about 99% of other system launches, the initial line-up looks like complete garbage, so I won't be getting one launch day, but admittedly I'll probably pick one up after Kid Icarus and the Ocarina of Time remake hit, which is supposed to be later this year.

And yes I did pick up DC Universe Online for the PS3 this week. I had debated waiting til a few reviews hit, but I had a lot of fun in the beta and the first month is free, so what they hey. And even though I thought it would feel repetitive going through some of the same missions, I made a completely new character, which helped quite a bit. Now this is a game that's actually mostly built around end game content, so we'll have to see if it holds up on that end, but as of right now, it's a very fun title.

Finally, a direct sequel arguably the most polarizing Final Fantasy game ever, Final Fantasy XIII, has been announced. And that's all we really know at this point. No idea if it'll completely overhaul the battle system, feature new characters or what. While I enjoyed the original, it was not really have many of the qualities that traditionally define what Final Fantasy is. Here's hoping that's what they are attempting to do with the sequel.

Ok, that's really all I have for today, so I'll end it here with your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Tesla Death Ray

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Pelechati said...

My prediction is Nintendo will be out of the portable game business in about 3 years making games exclusively for Apple's iOS platform