It's a Little Big Planet after all

It is indeed a completely awesome week to be a PS3 owner, with arguably the biggest reason being the giant timesink that is Little Big Planet 2. Because as if making your own levels wasn't time-consuming enough, now you can pretty much make any game you can imagine. Which actually raises the question is LBP 2 even really a game? I mean sure there's a single-player, but I'd suggest it's more of a tool-set (especially based on the rather poor demo that was released) simple enough for anyone to use regardless of their level of programming skill, which with everyone being able to put their vision out for someone to download, could make it the best bang for your buck in all of gaming. I don't know if I'll pick it up right away, I really don't have the free time to play around with the tool set, and it'll be a little while before people really get a hang of using it and start churning out some amazing stuff, so I'll probably give it a look if there's a good sale or when the inevitable Game of the year edition hits.

Also hitting shelves this week for the PS3 is the best game of last year, Mass Effect 2. It is awesome that PS3 owners get to experience this awesome franchise, but I'm really surprised that Bioware isn't also releasing the original. Sure there's a comic book so people can catch up, but honestly one of the coolest things about 2 is seeing stuff that you did in the original make differences in the sequel, even if it didn't affect the overall game all that much, little touches here and there help seal the deal, and PS3 owners miss out on that. Also, it's like starting a series in the middle. Yes, you don't absolutely have to play the original to enjoy the sequel, but like any good trilogy there's a whole important layer missing.

After the excellence that was Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, one could only hope  Sega would release more awesomeness from years past. Well, they are releasing something from years past at any rate with the Dreamcast Collection. Now the sadly doomed Dreamcast had many great titles, none of which are on this collection. Sonic Adventure was terrible when it was released and hasn't aged well, Crazy Taxi is fun for about 10 minutes, and do I really even have to explain why Bass Fishing is a poor choice? That pretty much just leaves Space Channel 5: Part 2, which I'd rank a solid but not really a classic. Hope if there's a volume 2, it's got a much meatier offering (hint, Jet Grind Radio, Skies of Arcadia & Grandia II would make any collection a must-buy).

ok that's really it for today but I should be back with another post in the next couple of days, in the meantime here is your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Moby Dick: The Videogame

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