The most important game EVER.

I've mentioned this before, but it's sort of mind-boggling that this is the first real mmorpg taking a serious shot at the console audience. I mean yeah, there's FFXI, but that was pretty much a half-assed attempt at best. This is the first one really designed to fit a console, with a serious license and budget behind it, and it may set the trend for the future of online console gaming as we know it. Console gamers are sort of lost on the idea of paying for anything beyond the initial purchase, as you can tell if you read virtually any PS3 thread on any forum about the game, they think paying a monthly fee is stupid. But this isn't Call of Duty or MAG or Borderlands or whatever. It's a persistent changing universe with constant updates, and clearly none of these people have played a game like it or they would know that. And frankly that does not bode entirely well for the game.

Now granted, this may just be the usual vocal minority, as we've seen the vast majority don't even bother doing things like going on forums and bitching about stuff like this. We won't really know until sales figures come in. But the reason this game obviously has a huge responsibility on its shoulders is pretty obvious-if it does well, we may see a long overdue flood of other MMOs. If it fails, well odds are it won't completely kill off other attempts, but it may remain the mostly barren wasteland we've been used to all these years. I'm really hoping for the former, although admittedly with nearly every MMO going free-to-play these except WOW(and most of them actually making a lot more money that way), a monthly subscription may not be the best overall idea to welcome console gamers into the MMO waters. I guess we'll see how everything plays out over the next few months.

That's really all I got for today, but there should be another post sometime this weekend (most likely Friday). Until then,here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK:  Battle LA

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