Seriously, Kingdom Hearts II came out ALMOST 5 YEARS AGO. But yet a myriad of mostly underwhelming re-mixes & spin-offs have not stopped coming out the gate rather than a proper sequel. Where we re-visit worlds yet again with characters we don't really care about. And they are digging into this shallow well once again with the DS port of a damn cell phone game in Kingdom Hearts: Coded. Where you play a digital version of Sora and re-visit the worlds that we've visited many, many times before. Yes, it can be fun to go back to familiar places, but it would be to see how they have changed since the previous adventures not to see them as they were all over again.

Now granted, Disney has used a large majority of their biggest classic tales already, but that still leaves a wealth of good properties to mine (as many including myself have mentioned) as well as Square and now even Marvel properties to use. What we really need from the powers that be is a full-fledged sequel. I don't even care what console it's on, pretty much anything from the PS3 to the DS have all proven capable of handling such an epic. Just put it out with some new worlds and maybe a couple old ones for nostalgia's sake. I wouldn't really say I was disappointed by Birth By Sleep, but it wasn't Kingdom Hearts 3, it was a prequel. I and pretty much all KH fans want a proper sequel and we wanted it no later than 2 or 3 years ago. Now Square has said to expect a Kingdom Hearts title at least once a year, but frankly unless that title has a "3" attached to it, I'm not going to be horribly interested in what they are churning out.

Ok, that's really all I have for today, but I will probably be back Monday with something else (probably on DC Universe). In the meantime, here's your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Bat Country

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