Gamer Cinema: Dead Space: Aftermath

Though EA has bigger franchises under their belt, somehow Dead Space is the only one that's warranted two movies. It takes place between the first two titles, where a crew tries to salvage a piece of the alien artifact that tends to drive people insane, which they do, but of course it drives them insane.

 But where the other animated films based on EA franchises have just been mediocre, Aftermath, is truly awful. The most jarring thing about it is the absurd changes in animation styles. The "present" scenes look like a very low budget CGI kids cartoon wit awful stiff animation and I guess it must be budget, because the flashback sequences have pretty good animation for the most part (except for some reason it changes up again near the end to another style that's off-putting). It's another bunch of characters that are one-note and hard to give a shit about, having very little to do with any impact on the series, so it's hard to care about anything. The story-telling style is completely pointless and sometimes even redundant, re-telling scenes from a different perspective without getting any new insight or info. But the worst is probably the evil organization interrogating the survivors, it's like the worst of cartoonish villainy that makes no sense. They torture them for info before even asking if they are willing to co-operate, they kill all but one of them for no really discernible reason other than, you know, evil and all that. The previous film I could at least understand fans of the series getting some enjoyment of, this entry should be offensive and off-putting as an incredibly cheaply done quick cash grab that even the most hardcore fan would have trouble enjoying on any level.

That's all far today, I should be back tomorrow with some game impressions-Definitely Arkham Origins, possibly Lego Marvel Superheroes if I have time.

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