The Marvel movie you'll probably never see.

Out next week, but with the demo dropping today, I thought I'd take a crack at the latest Lego game. Now, in cinematic world, you'd never see all these Marvel heroes in the same game. Despite Disney owning Marvel, Fox owns X-Men and Fantastic Four, Sony owns Spider-Man, etc. But in videogames it's luckily a little different as the new Lego game featuring Marvel characters big and small shows. That's probably going to be the biggest appeal here, as the gameplay isn't drastically changed from most previous titles. To be fair everything seems just ever so slightly improved from the last licensed title, Lego Batman 2. The graphics look a bit better, the action is a little faster and snappier, and at least based on the Sandman boss at the end of the demo, more creative as well. I still think it probably isn't worth picking up at the full $50, but these games tend to drop in price quickly and it's probably going to be a very worthwhile pickup at $30 or less.

Arguably the biggest thing out this week is a $5 game, but it's from the same people who brought us the celebrated Walking Dead series, so it's pretty well anticipated. Based on the Fables comics series, you play a Bigby AKA the Big Bad Wolf, who is sheriff in a town full of fair tale characters. I admit I wasn't a huge fan of Walking Dead. I did dig the style and story, but anytime they tried to introduce gameplay, it just broke the immersion because it was terrible. Wolf Among Us seems like a more confident entry, with a better style and improved QTE moments, so this may be something I get in on.

That's really all I have for today but I should have a Gamer Cinema up tomorrow. 

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