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Much like LA Noire and Heavy Rain before it, Beyond Two Souls might barely qualify as a game to some. The gameplay is minimal at best, focusing more on the cinematic aspect and storytelling. Well, if you are charging a full $60 for this, it better be one hell of a story. Inevitably though, it's not. As pretty as LA Noire was, it was also pretty broken, and Heavy Rain's story was of debatable quality at best and the gameplay was truly atrocious, basically being quicktime motions for every little activity and sometimes not even being that responsive. After playing the demo, I can pretty confidently say that while the presentation and acting is certainly up a notch from Heavy Rain, it's still got the same boring QTE gameplay all games of its ilk have, and it  got old within minutes of playing. Granted, Heavy Rain has somewhat of a cult following, so fans of that will probably eat this up, but I'm not too inclined to spend my money or time on something that clearly desperately wants to be a movie but isn't good enough to be one so it tries to be a game instead and fails at that too.

Looking to scratch that pesky SRPG itch? Well here's Disgaea D2 for you. Though there have been several Disgaea titles, this one is a direct sequel to the first game, the most likely reason for being is that while the mechanics improved and evolved over the course the series, the characters arguably have not so why not bring back the original awesome cast? Anyways, if you are into SRPGS you know exactly what you are in for here. Having played through quite a few of them myself recently including the previous entry in the series, I'm not in a huge rush to pick it up but I do really enjoy the series so I'll likely get it somewhere down the road.

That's really it for today, but I should have a gamer cinema up tomorrow or Thursday and then a post about Pokemon X/Y and Skylanders Swap Force this weekend so it should be a pretty packed week.

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