Nintendo is finally changing the formula...

How many Mario games have there been in the last few years? Seems like too many. So when Nintendo unveiled yet another Mario game that basically seemed like New Super Mario Bros. in 3D with the major innovation being a novel but unimpressive cat suit, my reaction was pretty much meh. But then they unleashed this new trailer, and much like Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS, it looks more inspired and crazier than I could've imagined. Multiple Marios? Carrying around a canon? Or a Pirhana Plant? A Goomba costume? It seems like their will be a lot of new fun things to play around with that could make this the most inspired Mario game in a long time.

And see that? It's a shop in the new Zelda for the 3DS. That has all the tools available at your disposal so you can tackle the dungeons in pretty much any order you want. That's pretty huge. It pretty much throws the traditional Zelda game on it's ear not to mention the formula for other games like it where you'll need to get certain items to even attempt certain dungeons. This always for  lot more flexibility and experimentation.

So is Nintendo going to be able to turn it around with steps like these? It's impossible to tell really, but it's certainly some important steps in the right direction.

That's all for today, but I do plan to have a gamer cinema up tomorrow.

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