Crackdown can finally be used for something besides a coaster

Well, maybe that's a bit harsh, as Crackdown is far from a terrible game, just underwhelming. But there is no doubt that the main reason this game sold was for the fact that if players weren't lucky enough to get into the Halo 3 Beta, they had to put down a hefty $60 for this GTA wannabe, and after all the waiting it finally starts in 2 days, surely making 360 fanboys cream their pants in anticipation, especially with the flurry of videos released over the past weekend (just head over to gametrailers.com and they are all very easy to find). Though I'm very excited about Halo 3 and somewhat tempted to rent Crackdown just to check out the beta, I'm pretty sure I'm content to wait til the full game hits, as I'm probably one of the few people who gives a damn if the single-player is as engrossing as the multi-player.

Square Enix had a big party and you weren't invited, but luckily in the day and age of teh internet, we don't have to beg someone cool enough to go for info, it's freely posted shortly after being announced. Some of the announcements sound awesome (Last Remnant seems like the next big RPG franchise), some not so much (like Chocobo Dungeon for Wii and Parasite Eve 3 being a cell phone game, doh!) but it seems any SE fan will be thrown so much love their wallets can't possibly take it between the new stuff & the stuff we'll all but for the 4 billionth time on a new console.

How much do I enjoy punishing myself? That's the real question anybody should ask giving a look at today's biggest Virtual Console release: Ninja Gaiden. It's an undisputed classic, no argument, definitely worth a measly $5. But it's hard, like make you suffer a brain hemorrhage hard, and quite frankly I'm just not completely sure I want to really remember how agonizing that game could be.

That's pretty much it for today, but I think I'll be back tomorrow with... something.

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