The waiting was the hardest part

This was at best a problematic day for 360 owners. People in possession of Crackdown couldn't get on until a couple of hours ago (and some people who got genuine beta invites still can't get on). It was definitely agony waiting (especially since the Halo 2 servers were also offline while they were trying to figure out the problem. And people are still having slight problems getting in even after downloading the beta. Most companies would fix it and leave it at that, but Bungie's been kind enough to expand the Beta 4 more days til June 10th.

I was able to get a few games in before this post. My early impressions? It's Halo 2's multi-player, refined. There aren't any huge changes, even with the new equipment. And that's hardly a bad thing. Granted, some jackasses will (and already are) complaining that it's not a big enough leap, but I seeing how highly praised Halo 2's multi-player was, refining to a T is far from a bad thing. I'll definitely post further impressions tomorrow if I feel I can say more on it than I have here, until then, it's BETA TIME!!!

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