Great things come in three's?

Is three a magic number for Hollywood? Possibly the only thing Hollywood seems to love more than the sequel is the trilogy. And we've got 3 of the biggest sequels of all time coming out this month, with all three of these respective franchises going for the true Hollywood Holy Grail, the Hexilogy, with a 4th, 5th & 6th movie all but guaranteed, even though it's likely some major changes will go down in their latest chapter that may drastically alter the direction of the franchise. Only seemingly eternal series like Bond can really hope for a longer run without sufficiently long breaks in-between.

That being said let's look at what may already be the biggest movie of this year that many people are already seeing at midnight tonight, Spider-Man 3. This is also arguably the trilogy most likely to please most moviegoers as the last two were nothing short of two of the best blockbuster films ever made. Unerstandably some hardcore nerds have objected to certain elements (namely Gwen Stacy being a character in this film even though in the comics she was killed by the original Green Goblin). But really, all this is just Raimi's interpretation of source material that has time and time again been completely re-written anyways (or "retconned" in nerd terms) and as long as he makes it work, I, a former comic geek and long-time Spider-Man fan, am more than fine with it.

And finally, it looks like Live Arcade may have another gem worth downloading next week in Double Dragon. Unfortunately the keyword is "may". The press release is brief on details, and makes no mention of online co-op. And while it may be only a measly $5, classics on Live tend to be horribly butchered or missing what most would consider basic features (like altering the number of lives you have available in TMNT Arcade...). We'll just have to wait til more details are available or til the game is actually out to see if they didn't also screw p this one...

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