Odin's got big balls...

One good thing about the end of a consoles lifespan, your bound to see those weird quirky titles strictly meant to keep the hardcore gamers still interested in the system, usually in the form of a flood of low profile but awesome rpgs. I'm still working through quirky fun little games like Tales of the Abyss & Shining Force Neo, which lack the polish and production value of say, a Final Fantasy, but still offer a good value in other ways like deep & fun characters or a unique take on a tried & true system. This week, another possible gem comes out in the form of Odin Sphere. The reason I say possibly is because it first got major notice by the guys over at Penny Arcade. And not to dismiss their opinion, but after them defending Enchanted Arms (which I thought was terrible and for much more than the reasons they said to ignore the bad reviews) and championing Puzzle Quest (which I thought was alright, hardly worthy of the heaps of praise they gave it), we simply seem to have a difference in tastes. But then the reviews started rolling in, with most calling it not only a damn good game, but the best-looking game to ever grace the PS2. Of course, me not reserving the game in advance may make it hard to come by, as these lower profile titles are never stocked well and hard to find at your bigger chain stores that deal in more than just games.

Now, if you want a no-brainer recommendation, just pick up season 5 of one of the best sitcoms of the last decade or so:

Few shows can keep this fresh for so long (and admittedly the show faltered in quality in the just ended season 6, but it was still way better than most other shows on TV) and season 5 is easily my favorite with lots of great episodes and moments throughout.

Free Game of the Week: Tactics 100 Live

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