The journey begins

So, the box to ship my crippled 360 arrived today. I quickly dropped it off at the nearest UPS location, and it's apparently already on its way to the repair center (gotta love tracking numbers, I'll definitely check every few days). With a little luck, I could be back harvesting ADAM by middle of next week if all goes smoothly.

Let the Playstation 3 volley of exclusives begin. Factor 5's much-hyped Lair hit this week. It was supposed to be one of the games that not only gave the six-axis controller some real validity, but justify your purchase of this powerhouse that's the most expensive of the current crop of consoles. Well, if you've checked out most reviews, it does neither. Now of course, some moronic Sony fanboys are just responding with cries of reviewers being prejudiced against Sony games (and just as idiotic 360 & Wii fanboys are pointing to this one game as evidence that the console is a colossal failure), but that's too be expected. What's really sad is Factor 5 is basically admitting it sucks, but blames everyone but themselves. So very pathetic.

Luckily, 360 owners get the cinematic masterpiece that is Stranglehold while PS3 owners have to wait for their version (though it does come with Hard Boiled, so that may be worth the wait). The reported 8-hour single-player mode probably makes this a solid rental for me when I do get my 360 back as I have little interest in the MP aspect, but all action junkies should give this one a look.

And congrats on Metroid Prime 3 selling over 400,000 copies in its first week. No hardcore audience on the Wii, huh? Hopefully this & the universal praise this amazing game is getting will prove that developers can make good hardcore games for the platform and gamers will buy them.


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