A Weekend Chuck full of Promise? Not r'ly...

Ah, another weekend of seeming disappointment. I mean seriously, the only thing that could save Good Luck Chuck from being a complete waste is a long scene of full frontal nudity from Jessica Alba. Hopefully this will cement Dane Cook's fall from his ridiculously undeserved stardom. I want to believe Eastern Promises will be one of those powerful. meaningful movies that deserves heaps of Oscar praise. But David Cronenberg's last effort, A History of Violence, is not only one of the most over-hyped movies in recent history, it's also one of the worst films I've witnessed in recent history. How that trash got so much praise is beyond me and I feel Promises will be of similar caliber. And do I really need to elaborate on why it's bad that a third Resident Evil movie even exists? I mean, the first wasn't horrible, but c'mon, this should be a direct to Sci Fi channel franchise at best, not a major movie trilogy. Well, I still haven't gotten around to seeing 3:10 to Yuma and I actually have a lot of free time on my hands this weekend, what with no 360 and all (more on that in a bit).

I previously mentioned that I acquired a PSP at a great bargain, and I hinted that I may be having a PS3 soon as well for a similarly great deal-This has happened. I am expecting to get the system on Monday and got it at quite a discount. And yes, I did get the 60 gig, because no way in hell would I get the gimped 80 gig if I had another option. I've already picked up Resistance so I have something to pop in when it arrives (and then realized how sad it is that the only title I want of the current selection is something that came out last November) and I may pick up Stranglehold as well if my 360 shows no signs of coming home anytime soon.

Now onto my 360. HEY MICROSOFT! THERE'S THIS GAME COMING OUT NEXT WEEK! MAYBE YOU'VE HEARD OF IT? STARS A GUY IN GREEN BODY ARMOR WHO FIGHTS ALIEN MENACES? I mean fuck, I'm a patient person, but I know that my fucking system has been sitting at the repair center since LAST MONDAY. And I have heard no update aside from that the console has been received and it is being repaired. If it's taking this fucking long, I should at least receive a loaner, especially at this fucking critical juncture. I've really been working too many hours the last 10 or so days to try and get some sort of explanation why I'll be missing out on what is easily the biggest console release of this holiday season. No disrespect to Nintendo, but I want to finish the fight way more than I want to travel the galaxy with Mario or beat up a bunch of friendly mascots. And suddenly there's the very realistic possibility of that not happening in any sort of timely manner. And that makes me one incredibly unhappy and pissed off 360 owner.

I know the Tokyo Game show is in full swing right now, and I've seen plenty of cool videos for stuff that once again probably isn't hitting until next year. Really only two important news bits so far: Sony is apparently bringing back rumble, which is funny considering they derided it so much in the past. Again, I've never considered rumble a big deal, but when you make a point to mock the competition for considering this feature important, then make a huge splash about adding it, you look like a total jackass. The smart move would've been either to say it was something you might be looking into adding (which we all know you were) or just stay mum on the fucking thing. I mean really, have you guys ever heard of "no comment"? It'd save you a whole ton of trouble. The other is that Sony's much vaunted "Home" system won't be appearing until sometime next year. I just have a huge feeling this is going to go from something that could've potentially been cool to an ugly mess that never gets it right.

TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Southland Tales

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