We may never fly the Crimson Skies again...

FASA studios has officially closed its doors. Makers of such great games as Mech Warrior 4 (one of the few Mech games I have ever enjoyed) & Crimson Skies (which is easily the best air combat game made for consoles in the last 5 years or so).But their most recent project, the massive failure that was Shadowrun is what most likely killed the studio. I had high hopes that we would see a sequel to Crimson Skies in the not too far off future. But if the guys at FASA aren't doing it, I'd rather it never be made.

Fans of fun horror & mystery would do well to check out the 2nd season of Supernatural. I admit, I initially regarded this show as WB/CW's desperate attempt to lure some back some Buffy/Angel fans; and while not quite up to the caliber of those shows, it has its own fun spin on the horror genre.

Easily the biggest game release this week is the latest disappointing PS3 exclusive, Heavenly Sword. But it may have never had a chance in the first place, with everyone expecting it to be a next-gen God of War. I did see promise when I played the game at PAX and it seemed mostly solid, but the reported 5-6 hour length killed any interest for me.

While everyone is talking about the big rivalry between Guitar Hero III & Rock Band, Jam Sessions, released for the DS this week, might actually be the dark horse that wins it all. I mean it turns the DS into a guitar! Not some crappy controller that is like a guitar, but a real freaking guitar! I know, it sounds like this is one of those improbable things, but just check out these vids:

Gaming sites have gotten their hands on the kinder, friendlier Manhunt 2. What's changed? Not a whole lot, surprisingly. Just removal of the fairly unnecessary ability to rip a guy's balls off and making the kills a little blurred, which seems ridiculous. I mean, if they are being killed in a brutal manner, would simply censoring the act make it really any less disturbing? It's like when they censor the middle finger on TV. We all know what it is. Blurring it out doesn't make it not there or any less "offensive". Hopefully in not too distant future we'll all look back on this stuff and laugh while we are decapitating infants while running over hookers in GTA VI.

TRAILER OF THE WEEK: The Hunting Party

Three journalists return to Bosnia five years after the end of the war to search for the most wanted war criminal, who is still on the loose. Based on a true story.

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