April Showers bring Phantom Dust

Finally, a backwards compatibility update I care about. You can get the full list here, but one of my favorite online games for the original Xbox was Phantom Dust. I felt cause it was a sort of underground game that it was pretty much done when I traded in my old Xbox, but with today's update, I can start building all new decks of awesomeness. I highly recommend it for anybody looking for online play that doesn't involve sports or shooting guns.

Ah Jack Thompson, like so many times before, you bring your senile ass out of hiding and it gets bitch-slapped. First, here's a video of him being completely humiliated on MSNBC:

And today, he settled (meaning lost) with Take 2, and while he is of course allowed to spew his moronic
and completely unfounded theories on games, he is no longer allowed to attempt to stop the sales of any of Take 2's games or send them those ridiculous letters he's known for. So what is Thompson's next move? To blame Bill Gates for the VT shootings. Even though Gates has literally nothing to do with Counter Strike except that his company makes computers that can play it, so that'd be like suing camera companies for violent movies. Thompson has truly become desperate and a laughingstock and I hope even Fox is smart enough not to give him any more air time.

Ok, moving onto this weekend's movies, I have one I'm very excited about and a bunch I'm fairly lukewarm towards. The one I'm very excited about is Hot Fuzz, it's from the same guys who did the brilliant Shaun of the Dead, this looks to be an absolutely tremendous riff on cheesy overblown action films while also paying loving tribute to them. The lazy idiots who make crap like Epic Movie need some tutoring from these guys on how to correctly mock a genre.

The rest of the offerings seem much less promising. Fracture is just Anthony Hopkins once again channeling Hannibal Lecter, just not in name. I don't think the whole evil murdering genius vs. a young bright agent thing is overdone, except when Anthony Hopkins is doing it yet again.

And finally in another movie that feels like something we've seen MANY times before, we have Vacancy, which is essentially about a normal couple stranded and beset upon by psychopaths in a motel. I can see the lame ass pitch meeting now: "It's like Breakdown meets Joyride, but since we have no budget, we'll just put it in a roadside motel!". Yawn.

That's really it for today, but I'll leave you with possibly the coolest fan video to ever be made-HALOID:


Fronz said...

Hot Fuzz better be fucking awesome! Thanks for reading my site, hopefully we won't be hearing from Jack Thompson anymore.

Eric Chrisman said...

Thanks in return, I'm always surprised finding out somebody other than my friends & family actually bother to read this site on occasion. Finally got around to adding you to my links section, and yeah, I read your site daily.