Video Day-The I'm too busy playing Super Paper Mario to really post anything edition

Seriously, beyond these new vids I'm posting, not a whole lot has happened since I last posted, and Super Paper Mario is serious fun so far (though much like Zelda, way too easy), so I'll post these vids, and maybe give some more in-depth analysis tomorrow.

First off, a vid giving a good overview of Xbox Live's big Spring update coming May 7th:

Secondly, a new MP video of Halo 3 that shows of some cool things like the Shield Grenade and the "man cannon" (hopefully they'll have a better name for that by the release date):

And finally, a short documentary on the history of advertising in movies. It's been around for much longer than most people think, especially with people seeming to really just notice how bad it's gotten the last couple of years:

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