MS believes in elitism, Sony believes in animal sacrifice...

Ok, before I get to today's possibly true news, I thought I should post something about the Xbox 360 elite. Rarely have I seen the gaming community so apathetic about a new release. I mean really, it's being produced in extremely limited numbers, so I'm sure they'll sell out and be "the hot new console" according to MS, but the reasoning just isn't there. 95% (and that's probably a very conservative estimate) of 360 owners aren't going to even use up the 13 gigs they get now (unless they start releasing lots of big high quality downloadable content on a regular basis, excuse me while I laugh at that thought...). HDMI? Yeah, that'll be great for the almost non-existent number of games that use it and the almost as small number of people who actually own a TV capable of putting out anything above 480p. And finally, the decision to introduce this as a third option rather than dropping the completely pointless core is moronic. Plus is you want watch HD DVDs, you still have to buy the $200 add-on. Given all this, I'm not even sure it'll sell out tomorrow, actually.

And now onto today's possibly (but upon a little reflection, probably not) news. While I wouldn't put any business executive above animal sacrifice to some dark god in the privacy of their own boardroom, this was apparently a public spectacle. If the article is true, there'll be one hell of a reckoning. But the main source appears to be a rather unreliable British tabloid, so I'll reserve judgement and further comment until this is verified.

Though Ken Kuturagi's ousting from Sony may seem sudden and over what is merely a perceived failure of the PS3, this enlightening article from Gamebiz proves that sadly it's been a long time coming, not a uncommon story in the world of business, and makes me feel a little sad that seemingly nothing short of of the PS3 outdoing even the previous two (which would've been a near impossibility even if everything had gone right for Sony) would've let Kuturagi keep his job. Doesn't make him any less batshit insane, though.

Being a long-time gamer, I am understandably extremely weary of third-party products. Especially those that if they don't work correctly, can cause me to waste even more money than I spent on the shoddy product by damaging the very system I bought it for. But Nintendo's bizarre hesitation to come out with some kind of rechargeable battery pack for their controller has forced me into the third party realm. I ordered Nyko's Wii Charge Station a few days ago, and it arrived today. I was a little worried that no manual came with it. Sure, assembly and basic use needed no explanation, but lacking anything that talks about battery life, time to charge or lacking any warnings about improper use (like is it ok to leave it in the charger overnight or should I take it out as soon as it's fully charged?) gave me pause. I put in the battery packs with the odd-feeling rubberized covers and prayed for the best. So far, it does exactly what it's supposed to do, and pretty well. It's obviously too early to tell how these packs do in the long term, but I'll most certainly update if anything changes. For now, this is a definite recommend.

And finally, I've got a great youtube vid for anyone who grew up playing games, this was made by an editor at the Offiical Nintendo Magaizine (which is a British publication), but most of it should give any long-time gamer warm, memorable fuzzies:

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