YES. Punch Out is available on the VC. It'd be nice if we could still get our ass whooped by Mike Tyson like in the old days, but licensing issues (and more likely Tyson's embarrassing life the last decade or so) and actually being able to save over using passwords would be a nice touch, but this is definitely one of the all time classics and any Wii owner MUST BUY IT.

PS3 owners actually have a pretty good week for online as well, as the only Mortal Kombat that is worth a damn, MK II, will be available for the PS3 for only 4.95.

And what do 360 owners get? Updates that brick their systems. There are two games coming to Live, but whether they are worth a damn is anybody's guess (and being that there has been virtually no press on either, the odds are slim that they are in fact worth a damn). Oh, and proof that the 360 can indeed scratch discs. What a fantastic week for 360 owners!

Good news, Guitar Hero III for the Wii will be online (thus refuting previous rumors that 3rd party titles would not be online til next year because of Nintendo), but it will also use the Guitar Hero controller, not be a specialized Wii-only version, which is a good move. I just feel sorry for the 360 owners who just bought GH II since a whole new one is only about 5 months away...


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