So long you crazy bastard

Some people think the title might have to do with the passing of MPAA head Jack Valenti, but really I could care less about him. Sure, the ratings system is busted and Valenti should've been fired, but He was merely overly conservative, little harsh to be dancing on his grave. No I'm talking about one of Sony's top execs stepping down. Granted, Kuturagi is hardly gone form Sony, and if anybody thinks this will stop the flow of crazy quotes, several top Sony execs (namely Phil Harrison & Kaz Hirai) have proven just as insane. Of course, the first thing teh internet fanboys leap to is that this is a sure sign of Sony's doom (and granted, it does seem eerily reminiscent of Bernie Stolar leaving Sega right after the Dreamcast launch), Kuturagi was pretty much on the way out anyways. Signs that Sony is really going under would be a massive shake-up of the top-level brass, which if they are coming probably won't happen for quite a few years anyways.

Moving onto this weekend's movies... well maybe we;d better not. Let's just say when your best option is a WWE-funded movie starring Steve Austin, you're best off just staying in.

And finally, while Nintendo apparently isn't intent on making their Wii as online friendly as their competition, luckily we have an internet loaded with talented people who are trying to make it a little better, one way is unofficial Wii Tags, check out the site here to make your own. I think these are very cool. Fee free to add mine to your list:

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Angus1978 said...

Hey Eradicator....I know you like to see movies on the weekend. I'd like to take 2 secs to warn you about the Invisible. It's horrid, definitely want my 2 hours back. The previews told me there was a mystery, and they lied. The acting was bad, the direction was bad, and the script was even worse. I should have known when it wasn't presented to the critics early, but I went and suffered anyway.

Anyway, I don't want to waste any more time tonight talking about it.

You've been warned, GUG buddy