If it ain't broke...

Unfortunately, Nintendo seems to not be following this dictum. And while breaking from the norm and going in a radical new direction has obviously been a huge success for them, their insistence on "Wii-ifying" every single game that actually comes out for the Wii is a colossal mistake. Making great games for the Wii doesn't necessarily revolve around making the Wii's motion-based controls central to the gameplay. The Wii revamped versions of games like Prince of Persia and Resident Evil 4 might come to mind as examples, but really I'm talking about games that already have unique controls, those based around their own unique peripheral. I mean really, these are games based around a very unique setup already, yet the designers (possibly under pressure from Nintendo) of certain games of this sort seem to be making special editions that add Wii Remote use. The upcoming DDR game, Hottest Party, will feature unique Wii remote controls in addition to DDR's seminal dancepad setup. Apparently they decided we geeks aren't rhythmically challenged enough. But the best (well, worst) example is today's announcement of DK Bongo Blast for the Wii, only without the bongos. Instead, you'll be using the Wii remote and nunchuck. Why is this bad? Anyone who played the original GC game will tell you that the fun was PLAYING THE BONGOS. It's fum to rhythmically drum, plain and simple, and if you are going to release a game with BONGOS anywhere in the title, it should be a law that it has a FUCKING BONGO CONTROLLER! I really hope they are smart enough to not do anything with Guitar Hero III when it hits this fall. Hopefully this is just a case of history repeating itself, as the same thing happened with the DS for about the first year, but you really think not only Nintendo, but developers would've learned from that specific example seeing how recent it was.

Ok, that's pretty much my rant for today. But I'll give a quick summation of this weekend's movies: They suck. I plan on seeing The Hoax, which has been out in at least limited release for a few weeks now, that's most likely anybody's best bet this weekend.

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