Microsoft plays it safe

There were some nice visuals on some games (which I'll post trailers of) but MS really didn't wow this E3. What's coming looks great, but it's all stuff we were pretty much aware of. Really, the only nice surprise was Sonic & Golden Axe being released on Xbox Live Arcade right away (though I'm downloading the Blue Dragon demo right now, which they barely talked about). Where's Too Human? Where's some killer exclusives? Where are some brand new titles? Where is the much expected price drop? Why do I have to wait until November to play Mass Effect? MS really had a chance to strike first with a bunch of bombshells and really all they did was yell and say "look at this crap you already know about!" And tout their sales numbers. It's yet to be seen if Nintendo or Sony really do any better, but I think MS could've shown us some titles that should be out in '08 in order to get us excited. And quite frankly, the Halo 3 360 looks ugly as sin:

But luckily Halo 3, Mass Effect & Call of Duty 4 looked absolutely stunning, so I'll leave you with those videos for today (couldn't find a video for the Call of Duty 4 gameplay, though) and talk about Nintendo & Sony's press conferences tomorrow:



Ooh, found one: CALL OF DUTY 4

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