Tick, Tick, BOOM

This is a good week for Wii and Xbox people with online. First on monday, we had one the the greatest N64 titles, Paper Mario. Even 6 years later, this game holds up as a classic with lots of firsts that you find not only in Super Paper Mario, but the GBA & DS Mario & Luigi titles as well. If you had this on N64, you know to get it. If you haven't, it's a great way to beat the current drought (at least til Strikers hits in about 2 weeks).

And, by the time I finish posting this, BOMBERMAN will finally be on Xbox live. This is easily one of the ultimate mutli-player games and has remained fun through the simple idea that blowing shit up is awesome. I will definitely be downloading this as soon as I'm done.

I did finally see Harry Potter yesterday, and I thought it was a solid film, but they cut way too much out, which seems to be a consistent problem with this series. I mean, would Potter fans really mind if the films were either ran around 3+ hours like the LOTR movies or even split into two parts? I seriously doubt it. I'm not saying they need to include everything, but a lot of the atmosphere that's so present in the books is sorely missing from the films.

De Blob isn't coming out on Wii til next year sometime, but it's quickly become one of my most anticipated Wii titles,looking like a fun cross between Katamari Damacy & Jet Grind Radio. To see why, you can check out the PC version for free here.

That's all for today, but here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK:


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