One step forward, two steps back

Before I get started, no, this column is not about MC Skat Scat. Geez is it Sunday (almost Monday as I'm writing this) already? I don't really have a good excuse as I had both Friday & Saturday off, except my new gaming obsession, Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix for Wii. Don't let the slightly average scores fool you, this is a perfect fit for the Wii with its wand motions & a really fun game. I just think reviewers are understandably hesitant to give praise to a movie-based game by EA. It's not perfect, mind you, I'd probably give it a solid "8", but it sure is fun.

So, Sony finally buckled and cut their price. But is $100 really enough? With the complete lack of quality software out right now, and all of PS3's really big guns that we know of not coming out til next year, it doesn't look like it. But at least that's a step in the right direction. But they completely fucked it up by announcing a new, "superior" PS3 at the original price. This is just plain stupid. Multiple versions of the same console are moronic. People get confused about which version to buy. Retailers are hesitant about which version to stock, developers can't risk making anything that only would work on the higher-end systems, which limits them tremendously. We've seen this. Almost nobody owns a 360 core, the 20 gig PS3 was killed shortly after the launch. When elites become readily available, the pro will most likely still dominate because customers won't really see the value. It just doesn't work. Best case scenario, nobody will buy the new PS3, but gush over the cheaper one. Worst case scenario-Everybody waits for the "superior" PS3 (which only adds 20 gigs to the hard drive, mind you, while the Elite adds 100 and most people still consider it a rip off), which makes PS3 sales figures much worse than they already are.

That's really all I got for today, as I did have work and I'm kinda tired, but with E3 starting real soon, I should have nearly daily updates this week, in the meantime, here's your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Detective Grimoire

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