Sony hates Christmas. And those Whos. Stole my roast beast...

I wish I could make this shit up. I'm sure Sony execs really aren't any stupider or less insane than the guys at MS or Nintendo (in fact they definitely aren't in the case of MS, but more on that in a minute), but Sony needs to hire round the clock staff to keep these guys behind the desks and away from journalists. The latest gems: Sony doesn't think this Christmas really matters in the long run, and they think price drops annoy you. I mean c'mon guys, how much of your own bullshit do you actually buy into here. Is Christmas '07 the defining timetable for this round? Probably not, but to basically say it's not important is just moronic. It won't really define Sony for the long term, but it could most certainly be where Wii, which is still slaughtering everything except the DS just really breaks ahead of everybody and never looks back. It could be where MS establishes a truly firm lead and holds onto it. Regardless, it better be where Sony gains some major ground unless they want to be a distant third like Nintendo was the last round.

But Sony is finally not alone, as some eyebrows are cocking at the absurd statements by a MS exec, namely that the 3-year warranty is a good thing and a selling point. SO let me get this straight-Literally every single 360 is basically doomed to fail at some point. And the fact that you have to take a billion dollar loss to make up for it, still don't address all the issues, just the most pressing one and expect us to just hold out hope that ours won't fry is a good thing? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ON? I mean, seriously, at what point did these guys miss out on that little thing called common sense? I don't doubt Nintendo has execs this Looney Tunes, but they seem to be able to keep them under wraps, MS & Sony need to do the same if the want to get any headway.

I can't believe it, but this is another awesome week for the Virtual Console. I immediately downloaded the classic turn-based strategy rpg-Shining Force, and Devil's Crush and Kirby's Dream Course are fairly solid additions as well. If some other classic rpg comes out next week, I may not have any time for more modern titles....

TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Dungeon Siege: In the Name of the King

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