One of the few times I'll actually care about soccer

You know, even though I played and really enjoyed soccer in my youth, like most Americans, I've never been a big fan of following the sport itself. But with Mario Strikers Charged, The Wii's first true online title, finally hitting stores tomorrow, I may become a genuine fan. Course, this is nothing like real soccer, with only 4 guys to a team and completely random stuff like cows running across the field and electric shocks. But hey, maybe that's just what the real sport needs!

I did check out the Simpsons Movie on Sunday, and it was better than anything the TV show has done in awhile, but not nearly up to the brilliance of the first decade of the show.

Babylon 5 is arguably the greatest Sci Fi opera to date. It had a great 5 year continuous arc, real flawed characters and was way better than anything that ever came out of Gene Roddenberry,'s head. That's why I'm pretty excited to get an epilogue of sorts that hits DVD tomorrow, Babylon 5-The Lost Tales. It's always fun to revisit some of my favorite TV universes, and I wish more shows would do it more often. We often get crappy straight to DVD/TV movies of awful shows, or unworthy ones of good shows written for obvious cheap cash-ins with little respect for the source material. Granted, I'm more taking a leap of faith that this is more like say, the Batman animated films, which mostly were great extensions of a tremendous show than crap like Braniac Attacks, which pays no attention to canon, and doesn't even feel like the show it was culled from. But with the original creator behind this, I feel I have good reason to keep my hopes up, and it's supposedly not the last time he'll dip into the B5 universe, so I anxiously await more adventures to come.

That's really all I got for today, and here's your sort of free trailer of the week: IRON MAN FOOTAGE FROM COMIC CON:

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