It's like a stealth franchise

Seriously, even though the Bourne franchise is way cooler than anything James Bond has cooked up it the last decade or so, it always seems to come along, be completely awesome, then forgotten until the next installment, and still manages to blow us away every single time, which is why I'm extremely excited to check and the third (and possibly final?) chapter, The Bourne Ultimatum. It should by the spy flick to end all spy flicks. Bottom line: Ethan Hunt, James Bond & Jack Bauer all need to watch this guy and take notes.

It's the clear winner in a sea of nearly guaranteed losers. Though Jason Lee's star is on the rise with the fantastic My Name is Earl, he seems to be content with not going any bigger with obvious trash like Underdog & later this year, the long-dreaded live action version of Alvin & the Chipmunks. Unlike most film nerds, I certainly don't begrudge Lee for taking what are clearly simple paydays, but considering the guy has done some great work in smaller films like Dogma & Mumford, I hope he starts taking some chances with his work again. Hot Rod is the big screen debut from supposed SNL breakout star Andy Sandberg. Granted, his digital shorts have probably been the best thing on SNL in years, but that's not saying much, and they are really just mildly amusing bits at best. I have serious doubts that this guy will join the ranks of guys who actually broke out from the horrors of SNL to show that they are actually funny. And I just shudder at the fact that there is even a "Bratz" movie in existence. These plastic teenage hooker dolls do far more damage to little girls self-esteem and image issues than Barbie ever could.

GTA IV has been delayed till the vague timeframe of Spring '08. If all I had was a PS3 to bide my time, this might matter. Hell, to be honest, I wasn't completely sure I'd be picking this up on release day with the avalanche of great titles coming out this holiday season, now Soring is generally a very slow time and may give me reason to seriously seek it out.

That's pretty much it for today, but I realize the Iron Man footage was yanked so here's another trailer to make up for that fact:

The Nines

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