Nintendo is bipolar

A quick note before my rant: As you can see I've added my Wii Friend Code and my Mario Strikers code where anybody can see them, so feel free to add me. Just remember that you have to send me your code as well.

I have no other explanation for how Nintendo behaves about the internet. Everything about how the Wii is online appears to indicate an incredibly slick package-Wifi, News,weather, internet access, voting channels, being able to share avatars(Miis), downloadable games. But for such a sophisticated-seeming system, it's lacking 2 very basic functions-An easy way to play with friends (though oddly enough not total strangers) and demos or even videos of upcoming games. Well, it looks like Nintendo is at least turning the corner on providing downloadable material, as the Metroid Prime Channel was released with 2 new Prime 3 vids with more stuff on the way up until the release. I would hope that the channel may eventually include a short demo and possibly even downloadable content, but that's probably asking for too much. It's a start, let's hope Nintendo (and others) think this is a positive move, cause I'd love to see some lower profile titles that look great (like Zack & Wiki or Battalion Wars 2) get at least the same treatment.

Let the Halo 3 advertising onslaught begin, found these at my local Bartell's:

There's also a 7-11 promotion starting up soon and I'm fairly positive I heard something about a Burger King promotion as well. Obviously, MS is banking on this being what keeps them ahead of the Wii this holiday season, and with the game already at over 1 million pre-orders, it may be able to do just that.

The Penny Arcade Expo is just under 2 weeks away, and yours truly will be in attendance for at least 2 of the 3 days of this gaming mecca (hopefully with a bunch of pictures for everyone). They finally released the event schedule, and it looks like it'll be a grand old time, much like last year (I'm especially looking forward to keynote speaker, Wil Wheaton & watching a screening of The Last Starfighter with plenty of fellow nerds).


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