Yeah, that doesn't really work, but I didn't want to use a tired diving cliche like so many other sites out there.

But before I get to the main part of my post today, I pulled off a rare 3-for-3 this weekend-I saw 3 movies, and all of them rocked. I can honestly say that's an extremely rare occurrence if not a first time ever. King of Kong was magnificently insane, abusrd and hilarious. Even if you have never looked at a video game, you should be able to enjoy and appreciate the pure insanity of this documentary (although you'll probably be constantly thinking to yourself "this can't be for real!").

I also finally saw Knocked Up, and I have no idea why it took me this long to get around to it (I think I got the idea in my head that it would lose nothing on video, which is probably the case, but that's hardly stopped me before). But it's really just as hilarious as everybody's been saying and probably one of the more brutally honest films about pregnancy.

And then there's Superbad. I admit, I really expected this to just be a mildly amusing teen romp, but it's one of the better teen romps in a long, long time. It's very relatable, with great dialogue and much like Knocked Up, a mostly refreshingly honest look at high school. So to sum up, any of the above 3 films are a more than solid choice if you are looking for a good laugh.

There seems to be a conceit among gamers that FPS games need to have multi-player these days. If that was really true, than nearly every game would need some sort of MP aspect, because it supposedly makes the life of the game potentially nearly limitless. Granted, it can be an important part of the game, but that's only because these people have only played FPS games with relatively weak single-player components (yes that includes Halo, which while it has a solid single-player, it could easily be much improved, and is far surpassed by its multi-player). Hell, many of the best FPS games of all-time have no mp component whatsoever. If your provide a solid (meaning at least 10 hours, but preferably around the 20-25 mark) engaging experience, no one is going to lament about the lack of multi-player. Bioshock is exactly that, and you can tell by the reviews it's getting. If you have been rejecting the game by thinking it's too linear or too short, your just shortchanging yourself the experience. Be sure to pick it up on Tuesday.


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