Catch a falling Star

It would seem like the safe choice this weekend might be Rush Hour 3. Sure it's gotten crap reviews, but I usually consider movies like this sort of the theatrical equivalent of McDonald's. Too much (hell even a semi-regular amount) will probably give you serious health issues, but nothing's wrong with indulging every once in a blue moon. And seeing how the last Rush Hour was 6 years ago, I'd say it was just long enough.

But I (and hopefully the general movie going audience) am going to take a risk on a film that's getting surprising buzz-Stardust. This offbeat fantasy epic is surprisingly low-key, but my critic friends who have seen it speak very highly of it, so I'll definitely try and check it out this weekend.

Has EA finally learned a bit of a lesson? I've noticed on Xbox live that free Madden videos are popping up. The same kind that EA had the gall to charge for in a previous year. This seems like the biggest note of a turnaround from a company I loathed not all that long ago, and seeing some licensed titles that didn't suck, along with some actual innovation in their long-running franchises gives me some hope. . Even their latest title, Boogie, is an indication of this. Maybe it's not a great title(I'll let you know when I can get my hands on a copy), but it's original and different from what EA usually does, so that's a start.

FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Rise of Atlantis

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