Will the real 360 please stand up?

Well, in addition to the long-known and long-awaited 360 price drop finally happening this week, gamers who decided it's time to "jump in" may want to also make sure exactly which 360 they are getting. I'm not talking about a difference between the Pro & the Elite (and if you're even seriously considering the Core, someone should slap you with a restraining order regarding any and all video game-related purchases ever). No, I'm referring to the fact that unannounced by MS, it seems that most new 360s that are going out not only have HDMI ports, but 65mn chips that will supposedly solve that nasty overheating issue (or at least make it less of an issue) and even a quieter dvd drive. Being a semi-early adopter, I'm not too upset at this news, I just hope that if and when my 360 dies, I get a newer premium model rather than the old one with the same issues (maybe I should start playing a lot more to make sure that happens...)

Licensed games suck as a rule. Licensed games based on old properties resurrected seemingly as a cash grab suck even more. That's pretty much been my opinion of what John Woo's Stranglehold would be. Nothing more than cashing in on a fondly remembered stylish action epic. The demo released on Xbox live today proved me wrong. This is essentially Max Payne for a new generation, totally hyped up with awesome use of slo-mo and stylish shooting sequences combined with a great level of interactivity. It's a shame this is out the same week as Metroid Prime 3 (and shortly before Halo 3 as well), but if you've got some spare cash in-between all the huge hits coming out, this is certainly worth a look.

That's really all I got for today, but here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK:

Fierce People

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