They hate it when you call 'em "Big Poppa"

Of course my friend here is a rather poor substitution for the real "Big Daddy", a mysterious and powerful guardian of the Little Sisters that inhabit the mystical underwater city of Rapture. You can see & experience these beings yourself by downloading the newly available demo of Bioshock on Xbox live, which I highly recommend. Not only does it look awesome, it's one of the few scary games I've found to be actually scary as well as allowing you a huge amount of variety in which to kill your enemies. I just hate that it makes me want the game, as my late August is already filled to the rim with Blue Dragon, Metroid Prime 3 & Stranglehold also all coming out in the same 7 day period. Suddenly I yearn for the slow times of the last 7 months...

Stardust was phenomenal. I haven't been this pleasantly surprised by a movie in years. It may be the best fantasy movie in well over a decade. It was funny, tremendously well cast and acted. It's pretty much the modern day equivalent of The Princess Bride (though definitely more grown up, so don't take the little ones).

There is basically one release anyone seems to care about this week, and that is the juggernaut that is Madden 08. I'm not extremely excited about this year's edition, but I'll at least check out the Wii version for online play, and supposedly they really nailed it this year, so I may even try the 360 version as well.

And I just got one more thing to leave you with today, a brand new 15-minute preview of MASS EFFECT:

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