The A-Team is a bunch of expendable losers...

Am I the only one seeing triple here? I mean, yes these films all have some distinguishing elements, but they are essentially the same story about some good guy meercenaries who are betrayed. All of them are releasing this summer, starting with The Losers out in theatres this weekend. And though it's not the most star-studded, it looks like the most enjoyable one of the 3 to me, mainly due to it having Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans and Zoe Saldana. The A-Team looks like it might be veering into XXX territory with ridiculous stuff like landing a tank out of an airplane. Expendables boasts the most star-studded casts with the big guns of Stallone, Statham, Li, & Willis just to name a few, but already seems to lack any cohesion. When everyone is talking about movie trends like sequels or 3D or talking animals, it seems odd that no one has picked up on this seemingly biggest actual trend this summer. At some point when they all come out on video I want to watch them all in one sitting and see if I can tell where one movie begins and one ends after.

Anyone remember me talking about the fan made Mega Man film being worked on awhile ago? If not, check out this incredibly awesome trailer:

Now, it's a sad truth that most fan projects die, whether it's because of a pointless cease and desist from the company that actually owns the property, or the creators just stopped having the time or the energy to finish it. But Mega Man is finished. That's right, the movie is finished and will premiere on May 7th. Granted, that's the same weekend as Iron Man 2, so if you only have time for one movie, It should probably be that. However, this will be online and free so if you have the time there's no reason you can't check out both. This will hopefully be a shining example that companies should let the fans express themselves as long as it's not sullying the license.

All right, that's really all I got today, but I'll send you off with the FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: War Spheres

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