The Hunt Begins...

Ok, firstly, I did see Kick Ass yesterday, and while it might not be for everybody with the over the top violence and swearing, it is an absolutely brilliant film that celebrates as well as lampoons super heroes very cleverly.

And on to the big release of this week, one of several really awesome-looking ones out for the Wii this year (that will no doubt be virtually ignored), Monster Hunter Tri. While not extremely well-known outside of Japan, it's following is extremely rabid, and it's pretty easy to see why, with it's constant upgrading and true challenge along with a strong online component it is a unique hardcore title that seems an odd fit for the Wii. Hopefully if this doesn't do well it may convince Nintendo to finally rethink that stupid friend code system they have in place now. I did try a demo and wasn't all that impressed, but admittedly that was with the wii remote controls, when this is something that is obviously built for the classic controller (as it is even bundled with it), and the reviews are nothing short of stellar so far, leading me to believe I should probably give it a real shot, which I fully intend to do.

That's all I got for today really. but I leave you with both the Trailer & Game of the Week til next time:

TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Dinner for Shmucks

Free Game of the Week: Flaming Zombooka

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