Finally we can have The Red Bee vs. Matter Eater Lad Match we always dreamed of!

That's the trailer for the virtually certain to be completely awesome Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Where yes, Chris Redfield actually stands a chance of beating the Hulk. But in case you have no clue who I'm referring to in the header, those are two of the worst marvel super heroes ever to exist. Red Bee was just literally a guy who carried around a trained bee in his belt. So unless you were allergic he didn't pose much of a threat to anyone. And Matter Eater Lad sounds just as lame his name. He could eat anything. That was his goddamn power. Eating crap. God I wish I could get paid to come up with lame ass heroes like these, there's literally a ton in the comics universe still floating around in some capacity. Anyways, as insulting to character accuracy as it is, the Marvel vs. Capcom series has long been one of the few fighting franchises I continue to enjoy to this day, so I am very excited to see that final roster (anybody from the Runaways would be awesome, but unlikely).

Ok pretty much only one other thing I want to talk about is really something that's should be a non-issue and was pretty much only done to get gamers panties in a bunch. Roger Ebert has decided to poke the bear once again by claiming video games are not art. Why anyone is giving this man any credibility on a medium he is clearly out of touch with is beyond me. And why he would bring up the argument again only to say the same thing as last time means he's just going for what they refer to in wrestling as "cheap heat", like insulting the crowd's hometown to get a rise of of them. This is a desperate attempt to try and stay relevant, and should be treated as such. Are games art? Who the hell really cares? I just care that they are worth my hard-earned cash.

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