Something is rotten in the state of Geekery...

Yup, the blog layout has been changed around a bit. I hope people like it, I may update more often with gadgets and such as they occur to me. Also, the image in the header was most definitely not by me as my drawings often look like something out of XKCD. That was made by the genius who draws the webcomic, Extralife, Scott Johnson, and as you can see it is utterly awesome.

Moving onto the crux of today's post, we have a combination that would make many a geek swoon. The Tenth Doctor and Captain Jean Luc-Picard doing HAMLET. Granted, it's hard to get me to watch Shakespeare after being forced to endure so much of it in high school (especially the massively over-rated Romeo & Juliet, why that's considered a classic is beyond me), but assuming I have a few free hours, this would definitely be the way to get me and tons of other people to watch it.

And I would've had my review for the not at all anticipated Kick Ass game that was released today on PSN excpet that there wasn't even a demo for it. Now lots of games don't have demos, so that isn't necessarily a bad sign in and of itself, but the combination of no demo and almost no press about the game lead me to believe it's a desperate money grab specifically designed to screw a few unwitting fans of their money before everyone catches wind of how awful it is. Oh well, hopefully other promising tie-ins such as Iron Man 2 and Toy Story 3 will deliver.

That's really all I have for you today, but I leave you with a completely awesome TRAILER OF THE WEEK: JONAH HEX

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