Do you want to date my Avatar?

In case you have no idea what the header refers to, check out this awesome video from the cast of the awesome web series, "The Guild".

But however today's post really has nothing to do with the epic web series about a bunch of nerdy MMO obsessed shut-ins, it's about TEH BIGGEST MOVIE EVERS! I am of course talking about the imminent release of James Cameron's tribute to Fern Gully, Avatar. Except it's not the real release. No, Mr. Cameron has decided that any ultimate or 3D version shall be held off til some uknown date. Hell, they are even planning a re-release in theatres. Because, you know, already being the top-grossing film of all time already apparently doesn't qualify as enough money, they need to make more. In all seriousness, I saw the film twice, both in 2D & 3D and really enjoyed it. The derisive comparisons to films like Dances with Wolves and Fern Gully are probably fair, but it's a fun special effects blockbuster, not a serious dramatic film and should be taken as such. I'm fully aware it's gotten even beyond Twilight-esque levels of scary fanboyism what with people reportedly getting depressed about Pandora not being real and people throwing on facepaint like it's a big football game, but that shouldn't take away from the film itself. And as this is the fiance's new favorite movie ever I'll be at least picking up a dvd copy tomorrow because I'll probably be buying the blu-ray proper when it finally does hit.

William Shatner as Dictator for Life of Canada? Ok, really it's just a ceremonial title, but frankly us Americans are more likely to respond to Captain Kirk talking about Canadian concerns than whatever unimportant official is actually doing the job. I say we respond by electing Adam West to some unimportant ceremonial position, and then have the two debate each other. It doesn't matter about what. I guarantee those would be the most watched debates EVER.

Ok that's pretty much it for today, but before I go, here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK:

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