For the haggard Neo Geo enthusiast on the go...

The Neo Geo has always been a system for gamers with plenty of cash at their disposal. The original cost a whopping $650 back in the day, which in terms of today's money is an even more astounding $1100, with games priced at $200 and up. Ridiculous? Surely, but cheaper than buying arcade cabinets and the Neo Geo was pretty much the only system at the time that could produce arcade ports without any compromise. But not surprisingly the system never really took off despite having a rather stellar library.

Now, most of the classic games are available in various collections or as downloadable titles, but admittedly playing these games on the go hasn't really been feasible except through long and possibly expensive searches through various sources like ebay and vintage game stores. That may change with the release of the Neo Geo X Gold, announced for this December. It's not a bad setup, as you can play it on your TV and it comes with 20 games pre-installed, but $200 seems a bit steep for something that will only play games from over 2 decades ago. Will it get more titles? New titles? how much will those cost? Also if the 3DS isn't doing that great at $170 and the PS Vita is floundering at $249, I doubt the Neo Geo X being somewhere in the middle is going to make much of an impact. I guess we'll see if it's still on shelves next year at a not massively discounted price.

After what seems like goddamned forever, The Last Story, probably the last major Wii release, finally comes out tomorrow. It's already gotten extremely high praise, though those who haven't paid attention might be surprised that it's got a little more in common with games like Mass Effect, being an action rpg with heavy strategy elements, a cover system and even online death matches. I've heard it's a tad short, clocking in at around 20 hours, but as long as it a quality 20, I'll be pretty satisfied. I'll be sure to give impressions in my next update.

That's really all I have for today, I should at the very least have another post up this weekend with Last Story impressions and thoughts on New Super Mario Bros. 2. Until then, here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK:  Red Dawn

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