New Super Mario Bros 2 : The search for more money...

Unfortunately due to Last Story not actually being in stores til yesterday and me not getting my copy til last night, I have not had a chance to tear into it yet, so hopefully I can give impressions tomorrow or Monday.

When New Super Mario Bros. came out for the DS, it was a very welcome throwback to the old school style of Mario games since we hadn't had a new 2D Mario game since the SNES era. But then we got New Super Mario Bros Wii not long after, which while great fun, was essentially the same game under the hood. Now we have not only the direct sequel to the DS game coming out tomorrow, but the sequel to the Wii version on the Wii U due out in a few short months when it happens. And hey, it's a Mario game, it's practically a given that it will be a solid platforming experience. But "new" it's not. They could've made it very new and still kept it 2D-new suits, original levels, online co-op (instead of just local), etc. But they didn't. Pretty much the only noteworthy thing about it is that it will be the first major release by Nintendo to be available digitally, thereby finally dragging the kicking and screaming into the digital age. Just barely though. I really don't have a whole lot if interest in this, I'll wait for that other Mario title, Paper Mario, which should be far more unique and entertaining.

That's really all I've got for today, I might be able to get in another post tomorrow but until then here's your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Fix-It Felix Jr.

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