The Medium Entertainment Review: Total Recall

Ok, I have way to hectic a schedule to see each and every movie that comes out, but be it in theatres or on video, when I go see a recent release I'll try and post my thoughts on it. The original Total Recall, from WAYYYY back in 1990, while hardly a classic, is a hell of a lot of fun and personally my favorite Schwarzenegger film. It's not hard material to remake, just update the special effects, get a fun cast and that's pretty much all you need. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the team behind this effort because it's all too serious and yet way stupider than the original, which you could classify as dumb fun. The synthetic army that serves as the main threat is boring and inconsistent. At times the seem impervious to normal gunfire and other times they succumb to it.  A lot of the crazy fantasy elements (like psychic mutants) are removed. There are some references to the original, but they are very poorly handled. The most obvious being a scene where in the original Arnold was disgused as a woman in a very elaborate sci-fi getup. They play on this with having a woman who looks very much like the woman in the original in the scene, but they've already given away that it is not Colin Farell because you see the fake identity he uses in an earlier scene which gives it away. It's just sloppy. A completely wasted effort, not worth your time or money.

That's really all I have for today, internet is a little wonky lately due to issues with my carrier, but hopefully should have everything up and running normally by Wednesday. Until then, here's your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Think Tank

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