How much would you pay for a free game?

I have never played even a minute of Angry Birds. I'm not elitist or anything, but I don't have any devices that can play it and just haven't had much urge. Admittedly, throwing them all into a collection might be mildly tempting, especially on the 3DS, which seems like a good fit. But how much would you pay for a few free flash games? Well it's a fairly silly $30 for the 3DS, and if you want to play it in HD on your tv (for some unfathomable reason) it's a laughably high $40 for the 360 & PS3. I mean seriously? I understand this is one of the most popular series of games ever, but I think the highest I would even consider paying for this collection of freeware is like $10. They could've easily released them as downloadable titles on each system's respective marketplace for like $3-5 and made a bundle. I'm sure they'll get a few sales because of some spoiled brats, but this is completely ridiculous.

Probably not since the unexpected combination of Disney & Square has there been an odder combination than meshing the characters from a Persona game, a well-reviewed but very niche rpg series, and fighting games. But here we are, and while this probably shouldn't work, most reviews claim it works fantastically. I'm not much of a fighting game fan, but every once and awhile one does pique my interest, this may be one if I can at least try out a demo.

That's really all I have for today, I should get another post in this weekend, but until then here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Playing for Keeps

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