Less Bang for your buck...

Ok, sorry for no posts last week, no real excuse except a pretty bad case of writer's block. 
Moving on; unless your a Madden fan this isn't really a big week for console gamers, and I've more or less said my opinion of that $60 annual roster update several times over the years so I'm not even going to bother with it.

For PS3 owners looking to really bolster their collection without spending a ton of dough, several of Sony's big franchises come out with collections this week-God of War, Infamous & Ratchet & Clank. Great series to be sure, and while it's hard to judge what is a justifiable price for these collections, just comparing them seems to bring up some issues.

The God of War Saga includes the entire series up to this point, The PS2 games, the PSP games and God of War III. For $40, it's hard to find a much better deal, which makes the other 2 confusing for their pricing.

The Infamous Collection includes the whole series as well up to this point, but that's only 2 titles and one expansion. For the same price as the God of War collection. Now Infamous is the newest franchise and just doesn't have as many games, but it's not like there is a ton of fan service content or anything to justify this. Either it should be cheaper or not have been made just based on the fact that there just aren't enough games in that series yet.

The Ratchet & Clank Collection, while only $30 dollars, is arguably the most mind-boggling of the 3. There are 10 R&C games if you include Secret Agent Clank & the downloadable Quest for Booty. This doesn't even include all of the PS2 era games.I mean at the very least it should include all 4 of those and probably the PSP titles. Hell if you included the whole collection at $60 that'd be one hell of a bargain, but $30 for an incomplete collection of just the PS2 games just seems odd and not completely thought out. Ultimately though, not one of these collections is a bad deal, but just with all them coming out this week, being able to compare what you get in each one, the decisions of what went into each one and the price attached don't seem to have much rhyme of reason to them.

While Bioware has regularly been pumping out free multi-player DLC for Mass Effect 3 since it's release, it took a whopping 6 months to get any new single-player DLC. Maybe it was delayed due to the controversial ending, but either way I doubt many are going to be grabbing this. It doesn't change the ending, it's been too long, and like I said when I defended Bioware's decision to have DLC available from day one-Shepard's story is over and done with, I have no urge to check out some inconsequential side story.

All right that it is all for today, but I fully plan to have another post up tomorrow. Until then, here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Butter

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