A disgustingly good time?

Horror movies have never really been to scary for me. For whatever reason, even highly respected ones such as The Exorcist always seem not only unscary, but horribly acted with stupid plot twists that make no sense. Yet I've pretty much always enjoyed horror films that don't take themselves too seriously, especially ones like Tremors, Which is why I'm pretty excited to go see Slither tommorow, as it looks like fun and the reviews are overwhelmingly solid.

But I wish it was the best option out of a good crop, rather than the only postive-looking one this whole weekend. Sharon Stone still looks pretty damn hot for being in her late-40s, but will anyone actually bother to see Basic Instinct 2? I mean, just from the trailers alone, it looks like one of the worst movies ever.

And then there's Ice Age 2, a bland sequel to a bland original. For whatever reason, Only Pixar & Dreamworks seem to have the magic touch to be able to create entertaining animated films these days, and even they are hit and miss.

Moving on I did pick up Kingdom Hearts II, and so far, it's pretty damn awesome. The combat and Gummi Ship sections are the biggest improvements. But admittedly, the camera, while improved, still is pretty bad, and the voice acting is very uneven (not on the Disney characters, but most of the Final Fantasy and original characters aren't very well acted). I haven't even touched Oblivion since I started it, that should tell you how good it is.

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