R for Redemption

Although it was certainly a financial success in the strictest sense, in any other aspect, the Matrix trilogy as a whole is arguably one of the biggest fuckups in cinema history. I mean, really, how can you make something as genre-defining as the original movie yet fuck up the sequels so poorly? I'll admit I really enjoyed the action in the second film, but things I was willing to accept would be explained in the third chapter never were, and it was easily the biggest letdown of a franchise conclusion I can remember. So with that in mind, the Wachowski's newest film, V for Vendetta, opens this weekend. Granted, the long delay after it was suppossed to happen last summmer was troubling (sure, they say it was due to the terrorist attacks in London, but seemed like an awfully convienent excuse...), but the early reviews are overwhelming positive, so I'm very hyped to see it on Sunday.

I would also love to check out Thank You for Smoking, as it's reportedly a great riff on the tobacco industry as well as Hollywood, but it's not playing at my local theatre, so I'll just have to wait for video. Although I doubt anything can top this advertising campaign....

Vin Diesel's attempt at doing something seriously dramatic, Find Me Guilty, also opens this week. But given that the only guy lower on the quality acting totem pole in movies is Paul Walker, and the fact that it has barely had any press makes me think I'll wait two months and check it out on video if I have nothing else to do.

Ok, Some Like it Hot was released nearly 50 years ago. It's the original cross-dressing comedy, and nothing has come close to topping it. Something tells me Amanda Bynes new comedy She's The Man won't give it a run for its money in any way, shape, or form. I know Bynes has a legion of tween fans that will at least rent this movie in huge numbers when it hits video, but can we try something a little bit different than lame cross-dressing or quirky high-school romance for this crowd? These are the same people that grow up and make films like Failure to Launch a hit.

Finally, the FCC is back at handing out masssive fines for ludicrous bullshit again, so in honor of that, here's a clip of Family Guy mocking the hell out of them.

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