The Greatest sitcom that never was

It does seem like these days just about any half-baked idea can show up on your TV. But the truth is, there are hundreds if not thousands of TV pilots that never see the light of day. The reasons can be anything from a salary dispute to real bad screen testing. But how network executives could pass up the gauraunteed comedy gold that would come from the combination of Adam West and Andy Richter is beyond anyone's guess. The pilot has been going around in various circles for years, and thanks to youtube, you can now watch Lookwell, generally considered one of the greatest pilots ever, and yet it was never picked up.

MC Hammer has a blog. Am I the only one that finds that strange?

Sony finally admitted that we won't see the PS3 til at least November. Possibly the least suprising news of the century. But the other news was certainly interesting to say the least. Sony confirmed that the PS3 will be backwards compatible with all PS2 & PS1 titles, will come with a 60-gig hardrive, and will have a free online network that from description, rivals xbox-live (though no confirmation or whether their will be a pay level of service or not). But no details on price or any mention of games. I guess we will have to wait until E3 to see what they have really got up their sleeve.

Easily the best news I have heard all year: Beyond Good & Evil 2 is under development. The original is a true underrated classic that deserves continuation.

And finally, Miyamoto has confirmed that although the next Zelda game is for the Gamecube, it will also be able to use the Revolution controller. Course knowing our luck, this'll be only for some secret fishing minigame....

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